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Changing of the Guard, ANZVS

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Nominations for ANZVS Officers and Committee closed at the end of April and results as follows were announced to members in May and are published in ANZVS Journal No. 51 (June 2022). Many, many thanks to Greg retiring as president, Olwyn as Secretary/Journal Editor and Judith Gust from committee.

President: Robert Harris (that's him in the photo)

Vice President & President Emeritus: Dr Michael Vidulich

Secretary: Raquel Bastos

Treasurer: Neil Shepherd

Journal Editor: Alison Giles-Damjanovska

Consultant to ANZVS: Andrew Filmer

Immediate Past President: Greg McGarity

Past President: Anna Brooker

Past Secretary/Journal Editor: Olwyn Green

Website Design: Elyse Dalabakis

Facebook Page Moderator: Peter Garrity

Regional Contacts:

Paul Groh Mid Coast

Helen Tuckey WA

Alina Zamfir ACT

David Banney Newcastle

Heather Powrie South Coast/Southern Highlands

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