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2018 Past Events

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

November 14, Canberra

Café Viola

Organisers – Robert Harris and Anne Bicknell; host – Anne Bicknell

ANZVS Journal No. 44, page 26

October 13, Sydney


Sydney Conservatorium

Organiser – Rodger Benedict

Violarama offered a special rate for ANZVS members.

July 15, Canberra

Café Viola

Organiser and host – Anne Bicknell

ANZVS Journal No. 44, page 11.

July 7-10, Perth

Viola Forums and Masterclass

Violin and Viola Masterclass with Brian Finlayson

as part of the AUSTA National Conference

Organiser – Helen Tuckey

June 4, Auckland

Viola Ensemble Afternoon

Organiser and host – Iona McDonald

ANZVS Journal No. 44, page 34.

February 18, Canberra

Café Viola

Organiser – Robert Harris; host – Anne Bicknell

ANZVS Journal No. 43, page 25.

January 14, Sydney

Vacation Viola

Hosted by Robert Harris, Peter Garrity and Greg McGarity

January 5, Auckland

Viola Ensemble Reprise and Encore

St Cuthbert’s College, Auckland

Organisers – Olwyn Green and Anna Brooker

ANZVS Journal No. 43, pages 23-24.

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